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Forex Trading is the greatest money making machine in the world
- George Soros -

World FX Market Maker

A successful trader studies human nature and does the opposite of what the general public does.
William Delbert Gann
Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux, and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.
George Soros
I'd rather spend some money on long options strategies, that have limited risk ideas.
Andy Krieger
If you don't work very hard, it is extremely unlikely that you will be a good trader.
Bruce Kovner
Every asset deflation I've looked at is preceeded by an asset bubble, and then it bursts.
Stanley Druckenmiller
Buy low and sell high. It's pretty simple. The problem is knowing what's low and what's high.
Jim Rogers
If more traders would learn to sit on their hands 50 per cent of the time, they would make o lot more money.
Bill Lipschutz
Markets are never wrong - opinions often are.
Jesse Livermore
Market Maker,
Profit Maker

A stable & sustainable growth of GIC Market Maker's Return of Investment (ROI) as shown on the chart below forecasts a healthy market for future investment as we continue to traverse in forex, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies exchanges.


Market Maker Perks

Take greater control over varying trading activities on our blockchain-based P2P platform to generate higher revenue & reach broader audience.

Lower Transaction Fees

Set competitive prices to attract traders

Full of Control

Easily enter and exit the market maker with touch of the button

Direct Interaction

Interact with buyers & sellers to gain insight for market control

Fast Execution

Quick & efficient trade execution to reduce slippage and increase trading performance

Reduce Volatility

Prevent sudden price swings

Profit Opportunity

Take advantage of price discrepancies between different market or securities

Simple Steps to Become A Market Maker

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The growing ecosystem of our P2P forex trading platform provides a window of oppportunity for aspiring market makers to tap into this growing market and potentially benefit from increased trading volumes

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Make Your Market as The Market Maker

We've prepared a list of FAQs to help you better understand what it means to be a market maker.

What is a market maker in GIC?

A market maker is a registered member of GIC who provides liquidity to the platform by creating buy and sell orders for a particular currency pair or cryptocurrency. Market makers on P2P trading platforms such as GIC act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, helping to facilitate trades by providing liquidity to the market.

How to become a market maker in GIC?

Here's a step by step guide on how you can join GIC as a market maker:
1. Create an account
2. Open GICTrade website or register on GIC Mobile App to create an account.
3. Complete KYC Verification Procedure
4. Deposit a minimum of 5.000 GICT or Rp75.000.000,00
5. Go to Create Market Maker Account
6. Click "Turn-on MM"
7. Download MT5 then proceed to login

How do market maker works?

Market makers provide liquidity to the platform by maintaining an inventory of the currency or cryptocurrency they are trading, which allows buyers and sellers to transact at any time.

What are the benefits of becoming a market maker?

1. Low Spread
Reduced trading costs & increased profitability.

2. Flexible
Set your own prices & terms

3. Direct Interaction
Interact with buyers & sellers to gain insight for market control.

4. Fast Execution
Quick & efficient trade execution to reduce slippage and increase trading performance.

5. Reduce Volatility
Prevent sudden price swings.

6. Profit Opportunities
Take advantage of price discrepancies between different market or securities.

How does market maker make profit?

Market makers make their profit by providing liquidity to the market and taking advantage of bid-ask spreads, transaction fees, volume-based fees, and arbitrage opportunities.

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