GIC Bridge

GIC released the GIC Bridge to function as a GICT conversion tool from the GICT network to WGICT on the Binance Smart Chain network and vice versa.

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Advantages of GIC Bridge

User Friendly

GIC Bridge is easy to use, soi it becomes user friendly.

Free Cost

No fees required to conversion, aka free.


Farming Support WGICT

GIC Bridge here to suport the cooperation farming WGICT on ApeSwap WGICT is used to farm other tokens in ApeSwap and earn BANANA coins

What is WGICT?

What is WGICT?

WGICT is wrapped from GICT. WGICT is a GIC cryptocurrency which used on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20) network. WGICT uses consensus mechanism for Proof of Stake (PoS) blockhain so it can be used for staking, besides being able to be traded on variuous decentralized exchanges.



What is GIC Bridge. GIC Bridge is a combination of smart contracts that facilitate interoperability and transactions between different blockchains. In this is from GICT on the GICT network, to WGICT on the BNB Smart Chain network.

The GIC Bridge is important because it can simplify the process of trading, farming, and staking WGICT on a decentralized exchange. For now, Staking and farming can only be done on ApeSwap. Traders can farm by pairing WGICT X USDT on Farms ApeSwap. From farming, traders will get BANANA crypto. For staking, traders must stake BANANA to earn WGICT. While WGICT trading can already be done on PancakeSwap (v2), and ApeSwap.

The following are some of the benefits that traders can get by using the GIC Bridge:

1. Enables a more effective user experience when using the GIC mobile app
2. Traders can get fast and free swap transactions.

The first step to using the GIC Bridge is to have a GICT first or WGICT. Traders can buy GICT at centralized exchange Primadax and WGICT on decentralized exchange.

After transferring funds, traders can exchange rupiah to GICT at Primadax. Then, open the GIC mobile app to transfer GICT in Primadax to GIC wallet. Select GIC Exchange, move it to GIC Portal. After the GICT is in the GIC wallet, use the GIC Bridge to convert GICT to WGICT.

To convert WGICT to GICT, traders must buy or acquire WGICT on decentralize exchanges. WGICT transfer to wallet GIC. Use GIC Bridge to swap WGICT to GICT.